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Come see what's happening in the Heart of Goleta!

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The Goleta Valley Senior Center is the perfect place to meet people and enrich your life. We are the hub for activities, information and services that are specifically geared towards adults 50 years and older.

orange Membership
An annual membership of $10 provides access to classes, social events, trips as well as social services. download Download Membership Form

Membership is easy, you simply need to be 50 years or older, complete a membership application Located at the front desk) and pay your $10 membership fee. (Concessions can be made for hardship cases).

purple Senior Newsletter
Senior activities are listed in detail in the Senior Center's Newsletter which is published quarterly. download Read Latest Newsletter

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Here at the Goleta Valley senior Center we pride ourselves on providing you an enjoyable, safe environment, where you can come relax and meet new friends, join activities to keep you busy, learn about issues that are important to you, take advantage of the free health screenings we provide and so much more. Most of all we want you to come have fun!!

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The Benefits of Water Aerobics for Senior Citizens- Senior Citizens in Medford participate in a water aerobics class three times a week. Water exercise is easier for senior citizens because it is not as harsh on the joints.

Senior Chair Yoga- Video .

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