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Resilience Personal Training

Resilience Personal Training

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Resilience Personal Training

Training is not just a career but a passion that develops as a child. The drive to be healthy- physically, spiritually and mentally is important to him and the ability to help others do the same is his life’s work. As an avid surfer, musician and athlete it has always been important to be in the best possible shape so that he can continue to do the things he loves.

Kevin Long Fitness Goleta

With a passion for nutrition and local, sustainable living, Kevin grows his own food in his gardens at home and keeps bees and chickens to provide his own eggs and honey. Practicing what he preaches to his clients is important to him, and living locally and supporting the community is a top priority.

“ I think human potential is infinite. I have seen extreme transformations made with simple behavior modifications. All it takes is a little guidance, passion, and energy, and that is what I aim to cultivate with my training. I chose the name Resilience Personal Training because you don’t need to think of fitness as striving to be a pro-athlete or a runway model, but you do need to be strong and prepared for what life throws at you. Being fit and healthy will help you live your life to the fullest and have the resilience and the capacity to experience and appreciate all of life’s joys and challenges. That is what it means to train for life.”

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